My name’s Julie Moore – I’m an ELT freelancer based in Bristol in South-West England and I’m involved in various areas of ELT materials development.

I’m a writer, authoring ELT materials such as ETpedia Vocabulary, Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice and Oxford EAP. I write a range of classroom and self-study materials mostly for adult learners. I also contribute vocabulary pages and common error notes to various titles.

I’m a lexicographer and corpus researcher. I work on ELT dictionaries and other reference titles. I also carry out corpus research to feed into various ELT materials.

I’m a conference speaker and teacher trainer. I present regularly at ELT conferences and other professional development events. I also deliver face-to-face teacher training workshops and webinars.

Use the menu above to explore my portfolio of work in each of the different areas.  Or visit my blog to see what I’ve been up to  or mulling over lately.