Latest arrivals

It’s always nice when you see material you’ve worked on in print. I’ve recently received copies of two books I worked on – both are advanced/C1 level and both, coincidentally, have purple covers.

Insight cover.png

Insight is a series of coursebooks aimed at upper secondary school students. I worked on the vocabulary strand of the advanced student’s book, writing Vocabulary Insight pages for the end of each unit which focus on different aspects of vocabulary (verb types, figurative language, using synonyms, etc.) and vocabulary learning. I also wrote a set of Vocabulary Bank pages at the back of the book which provide further practice of the vocabulary sets that crop up through the units. At such a high level, the challenge is to find vocabulary themes which will really get students thinking about how English vocabulary works at a deeper level as well as extending their range.

Insight page          Insight VB (2)

The other new arrival was the Navigate advanced/C1 workbook, part of the latest OUP series of adult coursebooks.

Navigate cover

Writing workbooks involves finding new and engaging ways to practise the language (grammar and vocabulary) and skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) that have been introduced in the main student’s book, but in a way that still feels fresh and engaging. Navigate as a series uses a range of information-rich topics and texts designed to be interesting in their own right, not just as a vehicle to learn the language, and the workbooks are no exception. For the advanced workbook, I found myself researching topics as diverse as biomechanical engineering, solar flares and the history of culinary spices.


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