Upcoming talks: June 2018

After several weeks at my desk with my head down writing, I’m looking forward to two events coming up in June. Next week, I’ll be speaking at my first corpus linguistics conference at the IVACS conference in Valletta, Malta. I’ll be talking about some of the work I do using the Cambridge Learner Corpus and in particular, my work investigating Spanish learner errors. As I was preparing my talk, I started reflecting on my work with the learner corpus over the years and I’ve put together a blog post summarizing some of the reasons I find it such fascinating work.


Then on 23 June, I’ll be speaking at a joint event organized by MaWSIG and Oxford Brookes University entitled Materials Writing Challenges and Opportunities in Oxford. I’m going to be talking about some of the challenges involved in sticking to your principles when writing vocabulary materials within a tight brief. I’ll set out four key principles and share some of the ways I’ve found to stay true to them even given the restrictions I often find myself working within.


I’m looking forward to both events and to mingling and catching up with lots of different people.


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