The #StetWalk Community

One of the things I love about being a freelancer in a digital world is all the different professional communities I get to be part of. There are ELT teachers, ELT writers and the wider ELT freelancer community. There are lexicographers and corpus linguists. I’m part of my local Society of Authors group. And over the past year or so, I’ve become part of a fabulous #StetWalk community who I share my walk breaks with.

‘Stet’ is an editing term which means “let it stand” – an editor writes it in the margin when they cross something out then change their mind and want to leave it in. US editor, Tanya Gold, adopted the StetWalk hashtag to describe when an editor (or writer) stands up from their desk and goes out for a walk to take a physical and mental break from staring at their screen.

Check out the video below to meet some of my fellow #StetWalkers and to see how I snuck into an American editors’ conference!


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