I regularly speak at ELT conferences and events both in the UK and internationally, especially around the themes of vocabulary, EAP and corpus research in ELT. I deliver plenary talks, smaller group presentations and workshops.

If you’d like me to speak at an upcoming ELT event, then please get in touch (see About me for contact details)

Some of my most recent presentations include:

Changing language for a changing world
InnovateELT 2020, online conference, Sept 2020
– A look at how language change is (and isn’t) relevant to the ELT classroom, based on my research into new language trends for several Collins COBUILD reference titles.

Teaching vocabulary beyond intermediate
English UK academic conference, Jan 2019
Living Learning English teachers’ conference, May 2019
OUP webinars, July 2019
ELTA Rhine online workshop, March 2021
– I discussed some of the challenges involved in pushing post-intermediate students beyond a basic core vocabulary and suggested some approaches to teaching vocabulary at higher levels. OUP blog post here.

Sticking to your lexical guns: 4 principles for writing vocabulary materials
MaWSIG-Oxford Brookes event, June 2018
– I set out four broad principles I apply to writing ELT vocabulary materials and discussed some of the challenges I face in sticking to these when working within a tight writing brief. Summary here.

Using a learner corpus to develop ELT materials for Spanish learners
Inter-Varietal Corpus Studies (IVACS) conference, Malta, June 2018
– I described some of my work researching Spanish learner errors using the Cambridge Learner Corpus to feed into CUP ‘English for Spanish Speakers’ editions of coursebooks. Summary here.

Vocabulary lists: snog, marry, avoid?
IATEFL conference, Brighton, April 2018
– I explored some of the key issues and challenges surrounding the use of standardized wordlists in the development of ELT materials. Summary here.

Making words work together: vocabulary teaching and lexical cohesion
EAP Conference, St Andrews University, Feb 2017

Not all words are equal: understanding receptive and productive vocabulary
IH AMT conference, London, Jan 2017
Oxford University, Dept. of Continuing Development, July 2019

Continuing vocabulary development: the role of the teacher
English UK North, academic conference, Oct 2016

Corpora: a key part of the materials writer’s toolkit
plenary at MATSDA conference, Liverpool, June 2016

Why not just Google it? Online dictionaries and digital literacy
BELTA Day, Brussels, Belgium, April 2016

Writing your own: how to create effective EAP materials
workshop at BALEAP conference 2015 & EAP conference, Potsdam 2014