I’ve written a variety of ELT materials from simple supplementary activities to a complete coursebook. I’ve written materials for general English, exams, vocabulary and grammar, and EAP.

Most recently, I was lucky enough to experience an overlap between two of my favourite areas: EAP and vocabulary. I was involved in planning and developing the Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice titles, published in January 2017; outlining the syllabus, drawing up wordlists and helping develop the format. I wrote the upper-intermediate book and co-authored the lower-intermediate book with Richard Storton.

In 2013, Oxford EAP Advanced was published – an EAP coursebook I co-authored with Edward de Chazal. It was a fascinating, and challenging, project which saw me researching academic texts in areas as diverse as anthropology and biomaterials science! There’s a brief interview with me about the book on YouTube.

With my experience in EAP, the team at ELT Teacher 2 Writer asked me to write a module for their writer training series. Working on How to Write EAP Materials gave me an opportunity to reflect on just what writing effective EAP materials involves. In 2017, it was also published in print as part of How to Write Excellent ELT Materials: The ESP Series, a collection of several modules on writing materials for teaching English in specific contexts (ESP, Business English, Corporate Training Materials and ESOL). The ebook is available via Amazon and Smashwords and the print collection can also be found on Amazon.

As part of my work using the Cambridge Learner Corpus (see corpus research), I researched and wrote Common Mistakes at Proficiency and Common Mistakes at IELTS Advanced (CUP), as well as contributing sections on avoiding common errors to various other Cambridge titles.

I also write regular articles and blogs posts including on my own blog (lexicoblog), for the OUP Global blog and for the Collins ELT blog.

My involvement in writing content includes:

  • How to Write Excellent ELT Materials: The ESP Series (ELT T2W, 2017)
  • Timesaver for Exams: IELTS Starter Reading (Scholastic, 2017)
  • Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice upper-intermediate (OUP, 2017)
  • Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice lower-intermediate (OUP, 2017)
  • Timesaver for Exams: IELTS Vocabulary (Scholastic, 2016)
  • Navigate advanced workbook (OUP, 2016)
  • vocabulary pages for Insight advanced (OUP, 2015)
  • vocabulary activities for First Result & First Masterclass study companions (OUP, 2014)
  • How to Write EAP Materials (ELT T2W, 2014)
  • Oxford EAP advanced (OUP, 2013)
  • Oxford EAP advanced, teacher’s book (OUP, 2013)
  • Global pre-intermediate workbook (Macmillan, 2010)
  • tests to accompany Global elementary (Macmillan)
  • CD-ROM practice materials for several levels of New Inside Out (Macmillan, 2008)
  • in-house EAP materials for Bristol University
  • Common Mistakes at IELTS Advanced (CUP, 2007)
  • Common Mistakes at Proficiency (CUP, 2005)
  • common error notes and activities for various Cambridge English titles (see corpus research section)