TESOL Spain & Spanish learners

TESOL Span 2019

I’ve been using the Cambridge Learner Corpus for twenty years now to research learner language (read a bit about my research here) and some of my most recent work has involved researching some of the issues and errors that are most common among Spanish-speaking learners of English to feed into exam preparation books for the Spanish market.  I researched and wrote substantial ‘English for Spanish Speakers’ sections for the Complete series of books preparing students for the Cambridge Key, Preliminary and First exams. The first two titles have just recently been published and the third is forthcoming.

PET cover    Key cover   First cover

So, I’m really looking forward to travelling to Oviedo in Northern Spain at the end of next week to talk about the research and writing process at the annual TESOL Spain convention. Sadly, getting from Bristol to Oviedo has proved less simple than I’d expected, so I won’t make it in time to attend a lot of the conference, but I will be there in time for my talk on Sunday morning (9.55-10.55).



3 thoughts on “TESOL Spain & Spanish learners

  1. Lucy Tilney

    Sounds very interesting, Julie. I am particularly interested in this aspect, as the majority of my English learners are native Spanish or Catalan speakers. Good luck on your, perhaps somewhat arduous, trip!

  2. Ken Paterson

    I’m sure your talk will go well, Julie, and hope you enjoy the part of the conference that you manage to attend. I have very good memories of the 3 or 4 ‘TESOL Spains’ that I attended between 2003 and 2009.


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