InnovateELT 2020: talking about language change

For me, one of the big disappointments of this strange year has been the cancellation of a number of ELT events I’d been due to attend and speak at. It’s always great to get away from my desk and to meet people face-to-face, whether that’s chatting to teachers, getting to know others in ELT publishing or catching up with old colleagues. I also enjoy the opportunity to talk about what I’ve been working on. Preparing and giving talks is a great way to develop my own thinking in different areas as I have to consider how to best explain my ideas, setting them against the background of the existing ELT landscape. It’s a process that makes me really think and often sends me off to do extra research just to check that I’m on solid ground before I open my mouth!

So I was really pleased when one of my planned talks got moved online. The InnovateELT conference was due to take place in Barcelona in May, but will now be an online event at the end of this week – 18th and 19th September. Yes, I’m going to miss catching up in person with all the other attendees and of course, I’m missing out on a trip to gorgeous Barcelona, but at least I will get to present perhaps my favourite of the talks I had planned for 2020.

The title of my talk is Changing language for a changing world and it came out of some corpus research I’ve been involved in over the past couple of years for Collins COBUILD to feed into a number of new editions of their reference resources. I’ll be talking about just some of the language trends we identified – and a few that have come along since! – how new language is (and isn’t) relevant in the ELT classroom and suggesting some practical ways of tackling new language in class. Click here for a short video I made to introduce my session

If you’d like to join my session and the range of other fascinating-looking sessions happening over the course of the two-day event, click here to find out more and to register.

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